The Comlets Message System extends your online presence by allowing you to deliver video, audio, and other rich media to the desktop with no possibility of filtering or blocking.  Comlets gives you - the sender - complete control over your messages: who can read or hear them, how long they are available, when they expire or are shredded.

The Comlets System was not designed to replace e-mail, but as an alternative messaging medium better suited when the intent is to confidentially communicate rich media or sensitive information and be assured it reaches its destination. Comlet messages are protected from creation through delivery. Encryption and use of an alternate message channel mean that Comlets protect sensitive information.

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A Supplement to Email

A Supplement to Email

Sender control

Comlet Messages are delivered over a private, secure channel. The Comlets Message Viewer is its own inbox and is designed to acknowledge each message's delivery and display each message specifically as the author intended. All data and images are converted to a system-neutral file type, so the need for a cadre of individual application programs and concerns over software revision levels is virtually eliminated. Unless the author specifies otherwise, none of the data delivered is accessible outside the system.

The Comlets System puts full control over rich media messages into the hands of the message creator. Comlet  messages can't be copied, printed or forwarded. They can be password protected, can disappear after a period of time or after viewing. Privacy is assured.

Comlets are ideal for sensitive communications that require controlled delivery.

Fans and Interest Groups

If you're in the entertainment business - television, movies, music, professional or amateur sports, your fans are your most important audience.

Send exclusive previews, samples, or let them listen to the concert first, all while protecting your copyrights, your image, and your brand.

-Guaranteed delivery via the private Comlets channel
-Multimedia video, audio, images presented on your Comlets Viewer

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Fans and Interest Groups



Because the Comlets system can readily deliver media that can't be copied, forwarded or altered, it is ideal for online newspapers, newsletters, trade publications, research services, books, music, film clips and other copyrighted materials.

  • Control the delivery and end-user privileges of paid and subscription-only publications, such as journals, trade publications, research services
  • Sell the presentation of copyright materials, not the materials themselves: online books, music, and film clips

And the Comlets System lets you go beyond the static printed page to engage the subscriber's attention with embedded sights and sounds.

Support and Education

The Comlets system uses a protected, private channel - not email - so, you can be sure that critical support information reaches your customers, and get feedback confirming delivery.

The Comlet Message Viewer places you just one click away from your customer, client or associate, and provides two way communications for questions and follow-up.  Plus, using Comlets automatically creates an audit trail to help you document support delivery and resolve issues.

Comlets can securely deliver:

  • Educational presentations and material
  • Confidential project review updates
  • Company HR documentation and changes
  • Technical innovation overviews
  • Selected briefings for key management
Support and Education

Campaigns & Fund Raising

Campaigns & Fund Raising

Politicians, non-profit organizations, investor groups, and practically any special interest organization can use the Comlets System for fundraising and the distribution of group information and material.

By presenting information - not transferring files & data - Comlets give you an unprecedented level of control over your messages.

Broadcast candidate and leadership presentations to national, state and local group members keeping them abreast of the latest information.  You can know who has viewed/listened to your message, for how long, and how often.

Comlets can be used for fundraising, distribution of confidential information, general notifications, reports,"calls to action" and more...