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Patented Architecture for Completely Private Communication

Patents Overview

Patents Overview

Patent 7,249,190 B2 July 24, 2007 AND Patent 7,831,719 B2 Nov 9, 2010
Abstract: A system for establishing a dedicated internet connection between a user and a marketer is described. The connection is initiated by a customer downloading a framework program for a viewer. Thereafter, as content is communicated to the user, it is included with program code used with the framework program to enhance the presentation capabilities of the viewer. More robust presentations are thus enabled over a one-to-one channel.

Patent 7,797,431 Sept 14, 2010
Abstract: An enhanced data exchange and functionality control system and method are provided. A first executable code having core functionality is provided to a computing device. The message includes partial executable code that merges with the first executable code to extend the core functionality as required for the computing device to execute upon data received via the message, via another message, or via another source.

Use of Patents in the Comlets Message System

In the Comlets Message System, the Incomplete Code is instantiated as a Message Viewer that is installed on a client. This Incomplete Code is able to communicate with a server (Comlet Publisher) to receive Comlet Messages (Partial Code) and report status.

When a Comlet message is sent to the Viewer, it contains data files and Partial Code for its digital rights, user interface, and data presentation.

1.) When a Message Viewer retrieves a Comlet, it is verified as a valid system message and made available from the Viewer's message list.

2.) When the message is selected, the Comlet is decrypted in memory. Then, the Partial Code in the Comlet is merged with the Incomplete Code of the Viewer to transform the Message Viewer into a specific Comlet Application to process the embedded data in memory.

When the Comlet completes, the Message Viewer returns to its base state of Incomplete Code.

Use of Patents in the Comlets Message System

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See how Comlets is a better way to handle sensitive communication.

We've compiled a demonstration to give you even more product information and a sample Message Viewer to download. The demonstrations consists of a Comlets Message Viewer that uses Comlet messages to describe the system and patents. This demonstration is available as a full-function, online Message Viewer (recommended) or as an offline Message Viewer, which does not connect to the Internet to send or receive communications but will display a collection of preloaded content.

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