What is the Comlets System?

Full Message Control

Comlets Message System uses intelligent message capsules called Comlets to distribute encrypted presentations of digital information over a private channel. Ideal for sending confidential or sensitive information, the Comlets System can contain full multi-media presentations as well as simple text or sound files.  You determine how many times a message can be viewed and how long it remains available. You may also password-protect particular messages, require recipients to acknowledge confidentiality before viewing, and maintain a complete audit trail for message review and reporting.


Comlet Technologies'™ Comlets System is based on their patented technology of "incomplete code."  In the system, each message completes the client viewer, providing the message-specific processing it requires.  With few exceptions, messages run without dependence on external software beyond base services provided by the incomplete section of the viewer. That is, each message completes the viewer to provide the features set it requires.

The Comlets Message System is a closed system, dedicated to a specific company or intent. From composition, through distribution, to a message's life-cycle completion, the owner of the Comlets Message System maintains ownership of that which is created and distributed.  Unencrypted messages or data never exist on disk and messages cannot be redistributed beyond their intended audience. In the Comlets Message System, the data is encapsulated in the message capsule (the Comlet) and is projected from that message capsule when chosen by the recipient.

This model provides powerful services for administering information and controlling those who create and receive it.  A key differentiator from clicking the SEND button in email is that, in Comlets, it means "I claim effective ownership of the information I SEND."

Comlets Viewer

The Comlets Viewer is the inbox for managing, playing and responding to your encrypted comlet messages.

Displays your rich media messages only

Each message viewer is specifically keyed to decrypt your messages. Only your viewer can display your messages, and your message data cannot be sent outside the system.

No additional application software necessary

Viewers don't need additional software installed to display Comlet messages. Comlet messages are self contained and can present audio, video, images or other documents without launching or requiring the latest version of application software.

Your branding, your messages

Comlets viewers can be branded to carry your corporate identity. They receive only your rich media presentations-- your information, your private messages.

Viewer controls

The Message Viewer's user controls are determined by the particular comlet message being presented. An audio comlet, for example, invokes audio controls, and a protected comlet will display login and password fields.

Easily distributed

The Comlets viewer is compact and easily distributed via e-mail, web site download, or CD.

Anonymous or known recipients

Because of its unique architecture, each Comlets Message Viewer can be either registered to a restricted-access workgroup, or made available to anyone.


The Composer is an extension to the Viewer that offers the ability to create multimedia messages by assembling any combination of images, video, text, and sound via storyboard layout to create the message or presentation you want.

The Composer allows integral security features and digital rights policies can be implemented controlling many aspects of a message such as the following:

  • Setting the messages to expire at a specific date
  • Requiring the subscriber's digital signature before reading
  • Watermarking images with message viewer identification
  • Limiting the number of times it can be viewed
  • Scheduling a package of messages to be delivered over a period of time

The Composer converts your content and control parameters into a message Comlet that is delivered over a secure, non-email channel to your viewers.  You can be sure it goes only to the intended recipients.

The Composer is tightly integrated into the Comlet Messaging System for administrative control, providing you the ability to assert and retain ownership of the information being distributed, throughout its lifecycle.

COM Center

All agent and subscriber activity through the Comlets System is managed and monitored within the Com Center.